Erika Love (1925–2020)


  • Gale G. Hannigan University of New Mexico
  • Ana D. Cleveland University of North Texas
  • Jonathan D. Eldredge University of New Mexico



Obituaries, Medical Library Association


Erika Love, MLA president and early advocate for research in libraries, died October 8, 2020. Erika held many leadership positions in the profession and received several MLA awards recognizing her contributions. She has been called "the midwife" of MLA's early research initiatives [1].

Author Biographies

Gale G. Hannigan, University of New Mexico

Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center

Research Professor

Ana D. Cleveland, University of North Texas

College of Information, Department of Information Science

Regents Professor


Jonathan D. Eldredge, University of New Mexico

Health Sciences Library and Informatics Center

Associate Professor


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